Soul Work: Understanding The Role Of Grief
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Soul Work: Understanding The Role Of Grief

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Join us in learning how grief work is connected to soul work with Intuitive, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Josilyn M. Perez.We invite you to learn ways in which you can alchemize grief.

Grief is a widely misunderstood process in modern day.  Grief is what we experience when we lose a person, place or thing for which we feel a deep connection to or where we once formed and held a bond of affection.  Although grief is a natural response to loss, we live in a grief-phobic and death denying society.  As a result, our pain often goes unprocessed and undigested and so many of us turn to amnesia and anesthesia to deal with our loss.  We may turn to work, shopping, sex, drugs, alcohol or a multitude of other behaviors to try to numb, forget and avoid the pain that grips our hearts.

The most conventional focus in the grieving process is on the emotional part but grief also has a physical, cognitive, behavioral, social, cultural and spiritual dimension to it.  If we do not learn to tend to the multiple dimensions of our grief in a gentle and compassionate manner, we inevitably compromise our ability to be balanced on a mind, body, and spirit level.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

In person workshop ONLY. 
Holistic Vibez
1390 W Sixth St
Unit 130
Corona, CA 92882
United States

Limited space to 10 guests only. Sign up today! 

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