Sitting With Spirit
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Sitting With Spirit

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Once your loved ones have crossed over to the other side, they have not left your side.  You already most likely know or feel this but would like confirmation that they are okay.  This is an opportunity for you to hear messages from them.  Your loved ones along with your spirit guides are available to help you on your journey and you may be surprised at how involved in yourdaily life spirit on the other side is.  If you would like to have an opportunity to possibly receive a personal message and to connect to spirit, come spend some time with me and spirit.  As a psychic medium Rhonda Mayher; The Enchanted Médium has the ability to speak with spirit and connect with the spiritual world, She will go over how she began to talk with spirit and discuss how you also can talk with spirit and recognize the communication signs that they are already sending you. 

Saturday, October 16th 2pm-4:30pm


*Please note that she cannot guarantee that every audience member will receive a personal message.


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