Holistic Vibez


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This is a hands-on class to learn how to use the pendulum and dowsing/divining rods for spiritual use and provide answers for yourself and others.  History and origin will also be discussed so you will have a better understanding how these rods have earned a respectable place throughout many generations of time.   Both Pendulums & Divining/Dowsing rods are used to enable your Higher Self to reveal answers to questions that are hidden from your conscious mind.  This form of energy work has enabled man to advance by helping to locate energy lines, underground water or precious metals and can be traced all the way to biblical times.  Using your energy combined with these tools of the trade will open you up to new avenues of spiritual growth.

You have an option to purchase the workbook for $15 separately after class. 

Saturday, Oct 16th 11am-12:30pm


New Pendulums are available for purchase in store or you are welcome to use the ones provided for you during the workshop. 

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