Intuitive Behavior Specialist
Intuitive Behavior Specialist
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Intuitive Behavior Specialist

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Join us as we welcome Tim Delgado, Intuitive Behavioral Specialist - Spiritual Channel for a day of Sacred Guidance. ✨

Saturday, Dec 12th 1pm-2:30pm
$45 per person
✨Sign up on our website or in store✨
Space is limited due to social distancing.

Tim @timmdelgado will lead us in a group meditation and will use his intuitive gifts to provide guidance and channeled messages based on your energy. He will read your aura and energy centers while receiving messages from your higher self. We look forward to connecting with you! 🦅 ✨

Space is limited due to social distancing.  Please wear a mask. 


All sales are final and there are no refunds.  If you reserve a seat and do not show, you will not be refunded, seats are limited and are reserved on a first come first serve bases.  You not showing takes a seat away from someone else.  Please take this into consideration before purchasing. Blessings!


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