Holistic Vibez - Facial
Holistic Vibez - Facial
Holistic Vibez - Facial
Holistic Vibez - Facial
Holistic Vibez

Holistic Vibez - Facial

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Reiki Facial: Energy work on facials calls on universal healing life force energy, or chi, and helps to restore, renew, recharge and regenerate a client on a cellular level. It’s a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well-being to the client.

All facials are result driven.  Products used varies depending on who is doing your facial.  

(PCA) non-hypoallergenic.  Ph Balanced…All natural cosmeceuticals.  PCA Skin promotes a healthy complexion with scientifically proven products. PCA products help with visible aging, acne, discolorations and sensitive skin.  Your facial treatment comes with the following:

1.       Skin analysis

2.       Customized treatment for skin type and condition.

3.       Massage: face, neck, upper chest, arms hands and feet.

4.       Aromatherapy

5.       Light energy work - Optional

Skin Peels and Corrective Skin Treatments for:

Pigment Disorders

Aging Skin

Sun Damage




All peel and exfoliation treatments are results driven. In most cases results are immediate with little to no down time.

 For all skin types. Consultation is required


Reiki Infused Facial:  
Enjoy a day of pampering with a reiki Infused facial.
Get your skin exfoliated and massaged with reiki energy.



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