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RENTAL POLICIES: Approximately 1050 sf with 1 Unisex Restroom

Payment and Reservations: Holistic Vibez Yoga is offering rental space for classes, workshops, and special events as it relates to holistic needs. Whatever you charge to attend your event, we offer 80/20 split in your favor between yourself and Holistic Vibez.  We DO NOT except donation payments.  This policy applies unless other arrangements have been made.

Setup/Cleanup: A minimum of 1⁄2 hour setup/cleanup time will be added to all rental times.

Reserving space: A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of $20 holds your date and time if your event has been accepted.  If for any reason, you are denied, we will refund your deposit immediately. 

Payment due: Full payment for a one-time event is due on the day of the event. Full payment for two day rental or a series of events is due by the first day of the event. Payments can be made by cash or Credit card.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations must be made within 14 days prior to the event.  There are no refunds on cancelled events. 


Be kind to the neighbors. We are located in a residential neighborhood, so be respectful when parking, and be aware of noise levels if you are walking back to your car at a late hour.


Leave the space clean for the next user. We all work together here to care for the space and create a community of classes and events.

Be careful with fire. Candles, incense and sage smudging are allowed in the space, but take care to burn items in safe containers and to be aware of their condition at all times. Also, take care not to drip wax on the floor as it is very difficult to remove.

If you break it you pay for it. You are responsible for any damage to the space that happens as a result of your rental activity, broken windows, glasses, etc.

A clean restroom promotes good heath, please help us to keep it clean and  do not remove anything from this room that does not belong to you.

Alcohol, smoking, loud music and bands are not allowed at our facility.


Please leave detail information regarding your event and one of our representatives with be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Use the note section as you check out.  Blessings!


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