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Benefits of Chakra Balancing:

Physical health and well being
Spiritual health and Spiritual Fitness
Removes bad energy stored in the body
Instills love and joy in your life
Allows you to know your inner self
Transforms your weakness into your strengths
Gives access to financial wisdom
Inspires you to turn your dreams into reality
Gives you intuition and insight
Allows you to express and release emotions in a healthy manner


Chakra Balancing:  30 minutes By Rose $45.00



Benefits of Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, a method of healing using energy to balance the body and mind. Its benefits can be felt by both Reiki practitioners and the client. Crystals can also be used during a Reiki session, crystals act as conduits of healing, allowing positive healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flow out.  Our bodies consist of complex cell structures and systems.  When our bodies are aligned with the universe, we feel a scenes of purpose, however when our body goes out of wack, Reiki and crystal healing can help bring our bodies back into alignment and promote well being.

Reiki Healing: 30 minutes By Rose $45.00
Reiki Healing: 60 minutes By Rose $75.00






Angel Card Readings can open a channel to help you communicate and receive messages from your spirit guide. It also allows you to connect with your guardian angels for guidance.
Angel Card Readings: 30 minutes By Rose $35.00







A Medium has the ability to communicate with those who are no longer among us.  The spirit of one who has passed may have a message or messages to pass along  to a love one who is still among the living.  The Medium is the conduit used to deliver the messages.  A Clairvoyant has the ability "to see beyond the range of ordinary perception." to predict future events.


Medium / Clairvoyant: 30 minutes By Nedjma $75.00
Medium / Clairvoyant: 60 minutes By Nedjma $150.00




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