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Special Event Agreement


SPACE POLICIES: Approximately 1050 sf with 1 Unisex Restroom

This agreement is made by Holistic Vibez LLC and between Holistic Vibez LLC and the Client on _________________ for professional holistic services such as energy therapy, massage therapy, yoga ect.  By signing this agreement the undersigned parties understand and agree as follows:

As the special event Client you understand and agree that Holistic Vibez LLC is not liable for injury, death, loss or damage to your person, props, equipment or personal property.  Holistic Vibez LLC may have props or equipment which you agree to us at your own risk, as we do to warrant the condition and safety of the props and equipment. 


The special event Client must exercise reasonable care for the safety, security and protection of Holistic Vibez LLC customer, teachers, personnel and property.  It is your duty to warn customers to exercise reasonable care when in the studio, to maintain the safety and security of Holistic Vibez LLC facility and to exercise reasonable care in the use and maintenance of Holistic Vibez LLC facilities and equipment.  


The special event Client is required to have the customer sign a liability waiver prior to their session or class and is solely liable for any losses, damages or liabilities incurred by you during the term of this agreement.  You agree to indemnify and hold Holistic Vibez LLC and its officers, directors, employees and agents harmless for any such damages, losses, injuries, claims, suits at law, equity or other causes of action incurred or caused by you whether due to neglect or by intentional action or omission on your part.


The special event Client shall not appropriate, reproduce or disclose confidential and proprietary information which is the proper of Holistic Vibez LLC without the prior written consent of Holistic Vibez LLC.  You grant Holistic Vibez LLC permission to record, reproduce and display your likeness.


The special event Client agrees to 80/20 split per person with 80% payment to you and 20% to Holistic Vibez LLC. You are responsible to market your own services, however Holistic Vibez LLC will regularly advertise your services as well to insure that clients are aware of what we offer collectively. 


This contract and your services to Holistic Vibez LLC will terminate for misconduct on your part.  Misconduct is defined to include unreliability, missing scheduled appointments or classes that you have committed to.  You may terminate this agreement at will and without cause with a 30 day written notice, this timeframe will allow Holistic Vibez LLC to adequately find a replacement.  


Be kind to the neighbors. We are located in a residential neighborhood, so be respectful when parking, and be aware of noise levels if you are walking back to your car at a late hour.

Leave the space clean for the next user. We all work together here to care for the space and create a community of classes and events.

Be careful with fire. Candles, incense and sage smudging are allowed in the space, but take care to burn items in safe containers and to be aware of their condition at all times. Also, take care not to drip wax on the floor as it is very difficult to remove.

If you break it you pay for it. You are responsible for any damage to the space that happens as a result of your rental activity, broken windows, glasses, etc.

A clean restroom promotes good heath, please help us to keep it clean and  do not remove anything from this room that does not belong to you.

Alcohol, smoking, loud music and bands are not allowed at our facility.


Signed: ____________________________________________ Date: _________


Signed: _____________________________________________ Date: ________