Full Moon Self Care Sound Bath: Tuesday, May 17th
Full Moon Self Care Sound Bath: Tuesday, May 17th
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Full Moon Self Care Sound Bath: Tuesday, May 17th

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Join us in the Inland Empire’s signature Sound Bath experience with the healing sounds of Kyle Lam.

Our journey includes a curated sound bath that will focus on creating harmonies, overtones, and binaural beats that help induce the brain into producing theta brain waves. Prior to the sound bath, we’ll focus the attention on the our 4th energy center, the Heart Center, to set an intention and amplify the energy in our hearts so that we can begin to receive.⁣

Our sound baths are curated as a deeply emotional and mystical journey throughout the body, mind, heart, and spirit that helps you become more aligned with who you are meant to be and to move you closer towards your destiny. Along with the various physical and mental benefits, our ceremonies grant an invitation to bring conscious awareness to all aspects of yourself, in order for you to begin making better decisions for your well-being.⁣

New to sound baths? Research has shown that novice meditators have a much more profound experience their first time than experienced meditators who practice regularly. Regardless of your level, our sound baths require nothing except for you to simply lay back, relax, and receive. Kyle Lam comes with over a decade’s worth of musical experience and facilitating healing ceremonies throughout Southern California and is known for curating powerful healing experiences for the community.⁣

Please to bring the following for the sound bath:⁣

- Yoga Mat⁣

- Blanket⁣

- Pillow⁣

- Eye Covering (this helps to maximize the theta experience)⁣

- Cushion to prop the legs up⁣

- Water⁣

- Wear comfortable and loose clothing⁣

Join us Tuesday, May 17th 8pm-9:30pm

Cost is $55 per person

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